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Aqua Guard Shower Protection

Aqua Guard Shower Protection
Aqua Guard Shower Protection
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Product Description

A latex-free moisture barrier that gives you the freedom to shower while it protects wounds, dressings and IV sites. Aqua Guard 10"x12" is ideal for covering PICC lines, ostomy appliances and medium sized surgical sites. Keeps the site dry, minimizing the chances of infection. Easy to apply and remove with no skin prep or shaving.

Aqua Guard, when used as a secondary or supplementary dressing during showering:

  • Keeps wounds clean and dry
  • Helps protect against air and waterborne bacterial contamination
  • Preserves the integrity of primary dressings
  • Allows you to quickly resume daily hygiene practices


Be sure the Aqua Guard bandage is large enough to adhere to SKIN ONLY (not to wound, device or primary dressing).

  • Cleansite of oil and moisture, and dry thoroughly. Locate top of product indicated by arrows; then remove backing from adhesive strip.
  • Adhere to skin (but not dressing or device), smoothing adhesive strip along the skin. Remove backing from both sides of bandage, and smooth down on skin on both sides of site. Finally, remove backing from adhesive strip at bottom of bandage and apply to skin in same manner as top and sides, which forms a barrier against moisture and contaminants.
  • To remove, gently peel Aqua Guard down in the same direction as hair growth, being careful not to disrupt the primary dressing or device.
  • Discard.


Caution:Those with overly sensitive skin may notice some irritation with the use of this product. Should this occur, discontinue use.

Aqua Guard, LLC

  • 4"x4" 3 sided : 7 per pack
  • 4"x4" 4 sided : 7 per pack
  • 7"x7" 3 sided : 7 per pack
  • 7"x7" 4 sided : 7 per pack
  • 10"x12" 3 sided : 7 per pack
  • 10"x12" 4 sided : 7 per pack

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