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Hely Weber Webly Ankle Orthosis

Hely Weber Webly Ankle Orthosis
Hely Weber Webly Ankle Orthosis
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Product Description

  • Constructed of heavy gauge ballistic nylon, with non-stretch, non-fraying nylon straps
  • Limits inversion/eversion while not restricting plantar and dorsiflexion
  • Figure 8 pull-up straps provide stability by locking the calcaneus in position
  • Optional medial/lateral stays are flexible, stackable and provide extra support
  • Malleolar opening prevents stay irritation and guides positioning
  • Seamless Sole
  • Neoprene tongue and achilles relief padding aid in player/patient comfort
  • Straps sewn to eliminate achilles irritation
  • Useful prophylactically and for chronic ankle sprains
  • Low profile brace fits in shoes and workboots
  • Large heel opening aids in comfort

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