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Juzo 3021 ACFS Gauntlet (18-21mmHg)

Juzo 3021 ACFS Gauntlet (18-21mmHg)
Juzo 3021 ACFS Gauntlet (18-21mmHg)
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Brand: Juzo

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Product Description

Juzo HelasticGlove isdurable, soft, breathable and comfortable to wear. Made using a flat knitted material. Juzo recommeds that aglove be worn as a separate piece from an arm sleeve. This provides the wearer with the following advantages:

  • increased flexibilty for every day use. A glove can be easliy removed to perform every day chores without having to remove the entire arm sleeve.
  • increased life expectancy. Due to the every day wear and tear that the hands encounter, the glove could have a tendency to wear out sooner than an arm sleeve. Keeping the glove seperate from the sleeve will enable the wearer to replace one without having to replace the other.

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