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Sacro Ease Narrow
Sacro Ease Narrow
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Product Description

SACRO-EASE supports relieve low back discomfort by providing a firm, yet pleasureably comfortable seating surface. Orthopedically designed, SACRO-EASE products function by lifting the individual up from a slumped postion, caused by soft seats, to a more natural upright posture.

A separately adjustable backrest supports the lumbar spine to reduce pressure on lumbar muscles and increase sitting comfort.

Drivers may find that fatigue is reduced and alertness increased as a result of the posture correction achieved with SACRO-EASE Supports.

Simply one of the most effective ways to "rebuild" an unsupportive seat or chair, these basic Sacro-Ease models are rated among the best. Used daily by truck and taxi drivers, on buses, airplanes, boats, or just driving anywhere, the McCarty's Sacro-Ease works.

  • All SACRO-EASE models are constructed of high quality materials to ensure years of effective service.
  • 1/8" carbon steel frames
  • Specially compounded internal latex rubber supports
  • Impact resistent hinges
  • Durable, attractive, washable and cool to sit on woven fabric.
  • Foldable and easy to transport.
  • Has been proven to be excellent for autos, airplanes, bus seats, chairs and sofas.
  • Fits most all auto and truck bucket and bench-style seats.
  • "Rebuild's" those seats that are simply too soft or unsupportive.


  • Width: 12"
  • Back Height: 19"
  • Seat Depth: 14"

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