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How to Select a Mastectomy Bra

Things to consider when selection the right mastectomy bra for you

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Things to consider when selecting the right mastectomy bra for you.

  • Most women are in the wrong size bra. Take the time to measure yourself properly.
  • If you have had a unilateral mastectomy To determine the right fit, consider your figure type:
    • Shallow
    • Average
    • Full
  • Fit is the #1 key to choosing the proper mastectomy bra
  • Consider your daily activities and wardrobe needs
  • Not all bras fit all figure types and not all bras are designed for every need

Just as every woman needs a clothing wardrobe to accommodate her life, every woman needs an intimate apparel wardrobe to compliment her activities.

There are Five Categories of Mastectomy Bras:

Post-surgical Mastectomy Bras

This is a woman’s main garment while she is healing from surgery.  This garment is designed to be worn home from the hospital.  A post-surgical garment looks like a camisole, has built in pockets for drain pouches and pockets for fiber filled soft forms.  This garment can be stepped into for easy dressing. Post-operative garments are soft and breathable and give shape to a mastectomy patient immediately following surgery.  Wearing a specially designed post-operative garment makes a difference because the breast area where surgery has been performed is supported.

Leisure Mastectomy Bras

A leisure bra gives shape and confidence to a mastectomy patient during healing.  These garments open in the front for ease and are made of soft fabrics for comfort.  Leisure bras have pockets for breast forms.  This bra is ideal for a woman who is not yet ready for a traditional bra, but who is beginning to return to her normal activities and lifestyle. The leisure bra is also a great style for sleep wear.

Traditional Mastectomy Bras

A traditional bra is usually worn 6 weeks post-operatively based on a doctor’s authorization. Building an intimate wardrobe to include more than one traditional bra will ensure that one is on hand while the other is being laundered. Stella’s advice is, “NEVER BE WITHOUT A GOOD BRA TO WEAR!”

Athletic Mastectomy Bras

An athletic bra is designed for maximum support in cooperation with an active lifestyle.  An athletic bra offers comfort and security with full coverage, while microfiber fabric and mesh panels ensures breathability.

Fashion Mastectomy Bras

Fashionable bras lend an extra feminine feeling by utilizing lace and trims without compromising comfort and security.  Usually fashion bras are seasonal items so you will want to get these before they run out!

General Information

The support of a bra comes from the band and side panels; not from the shoulder straps. Most women adjust the shoulder strap for additional support however this brings the back of the bra higher than the front and does not give proper support to the chest wall and breast. 

In order to assist our customers with determining the proper mastectomy bra size, we have created a video demonstration featuring Stella Chavos giving step by step instructions on measuring for bra size.

Mastectomy bras provide women with a natural feeling of well-being.  NuLife Medical carries a line of beautiful intimate apparel offering the perfect combination of comfort, design and security. In addition, women with neck and shoulder tension or lymphedema will find a selection of products benefiting their needs as well. 

Fit Checklist

  • The band should be snug, but not too tight.
  • The straps should also be snug, but not too tight as you do not want to pull up back of the bra. Your band should be parallel to the floor.
  • The prosthesis and or natural remaining breast should completely fill out the top and bottom of the cup. There should be no “puckering” of the fabric in the cup.
  • The bra looks good, but it should feel comfortable. If it is giving you any discomfort now, think of how it will feel 4-5 hours from now.

Proper Care of Intimate Apparel

Proper care of your mastectomy bra will maximize the life of your garment. 

  • Do not use cold water or water hotter than your hand can tolerate
  • Use warm or hot water
  • Use a garment bag when washing in a machine
  • Use a gentle liquid detergent, not Woolite
  • Hang or lay flat to dry


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