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About Nulife Medical

For more than 41 years, Newport Center Orthopedic has been serving Southern California and meeting your medical and health needs. In 2002, NuLife Medical, an online-only ordering company, was launched with the goal of offering an even broader selection of products, extending added shopping convenience, and better informing customers of the latest product information and specials. NuLife Medical operates in the same continued spirit of dedication and commitment to customers that originally defined the business.

NuLife Medical, known for its extensive medical and comfort aid product lines, is a virtual 'supermarket' of medical goods and aids to daily living. NuLife Medical also provides complete product lines for improving health and providing relief from everyday conditions, including: Sports Injury, Mastectomy, Sore Feet, Neck & Back Pain, Walking Disabilities, Incontinence, Poor Circulation, Home Healthcare & Post-Surgical Recovery.

President, Stella Dell and one of her sons, Frank, personally serve customers on a daily basis with the philosophy that customers are the company's most valuable asset. Several staff members are certified pedorthists, and have received special training and certifications from manufacturers to fit such products as breast prostheses, back braces and elastic support hose. After such products are carefully fitted to maximize comfort, NuLife Medical staff instructs each customer on how to care for their products and utilize them to best meet their needs. NuLife Medical Management continuously studies new events and product developments in the marketplace through close-knit ties with doctors, medical product manufacturers and by attending industry training and seminars. NuLife Medical is therefore well equipped to advise customers on the best products to meet their unique needs, while keeping the store stocked with the latest, top quality products.

Unlike other online medical suppliers, NuLife Medical has established itself through years of personal service through its retail Newport Beach store, and will continue to support its online customers in the same fashion. Rest assured that there are the same, knowledgeable staff members available to answer your questions and provide product knowledge if you should need such service while shopping online. We will provide ongoing phone support during normal business hours, and if you contact us by email, we will reply in a timely manner. If you have problems locating a product, don't worry; we can custom order nearly any product you need and make it available.

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