822 Recover Shell


The TruLife 822 Recovery Shell: 

The first breast form of its kind. It offers, custom adjustability and versatility, perfect for post-lumpectomy.

If you are looking for something to achieve balance, the TruLife 822 ReCovery Shell is the form for you. The reason is that this form is comprised of three layers that can be used as one or as separates to achieve balance and symmetry. The layers are symmetrical in shape and can be placed in any direction depending on your specific need.

The 822 ReCovery Shell is comprised of three soft silicone layers that adhere together for a seamless feel or and can be separated for adjust-ability in fullness and projection. A gentle and comfortable fit during the multiple stages of reconstruction. This form is perfect for post-lumpectomy use and for covering breast tissue that has changed.

  • Triangular shape offers overall coverage
  • Layered back provides additional fullness and projection when needed
  • Fine, thin tapered edges provide a seamless, intimate fit
  • Translucent appearance to adapt to skin color
  • Removable silicone inserts
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