NuLife Medical was established in 2002 as an extension of Newport Center Orthopedic, an orthopedics retail store that was opened in 1967 by Stella and James Chavos. The business has been a family affair that has been proudly serving customers for more than 50 years.

NuLife’s online store provides a convenient way to shop for home health products and for families to find everything they need to help aging parents improve their quality of life. In addition, NuLife Medical specializes in medical garments, such as compression stockings, hernia products, lymphedema compression garments, and mastectomy products.

NuLife Medical exists to provide a helping hand for families seeking ways to best support their loved ones, whether it is living with a chronic condition, healing after surgery, or helping families improve their aging parents’ quality of life.


The Chavos family continues to own and operate both NuLife Medical and Newport Center Orthopedic, which are located in Southern California. The stores are known for their commitment to personal service, as well as their close relationships with doctors and manufacturers of medical products in and around the community. The family and their employees continuously advance their education through seminars and training, which ensures that the team is well-equipped to advise their customers about the right products to meet each of their unique needs.


Following the passing of Stella Chavos, Lisa Chavos, her daughter-in-law, stepped into the role of Vice President. Her goal is to continue Stella’s passion while cementing the reputation of the NCO stores as a trusted and knowledgeable resource for customers who seek to improve their health, well-being, and quality of life.

Lisa has a unique, empathetic outlook that makes her ideally suited for the business. She recognizes that many of NuLife Medical’s customers are coming from an emotionally and physically painful place. She recognizes how difficult it can be for people who are getting older or dealing with health issues to realize that they need help.

It is her ultimate desire to create a safe space for customers to reveal their troubles and what they need. She helps customers explore a new phase of their life by providing not just the products they need, but a safe and trustworthy resource for finding them. In addition to finding aids to daily living and mobility products, customers will find a helping hand and a sympathetic ear.

Under Lisa’s guidance, NuLife Medical is also a resource for the children of aging parents. Just as the store’s customers are dealing with a new way of life, so are their children, who have gone from being taken care of by their parents to caring for their parents as they get older.


NuLife Medical does more than offer the necessary products for health and self-care. The store and its employees strive to give their customers confidence and courage in moving forward, just as it’s been doing since the beginning.

Customers need to know they are not alone on this journey, and the staff at NuLife is here to travel it with them every step of the way. Get in touch today with any questions about products to support your lifestyle.