5 Easy Ways to Put on Stockings

Mar 9th 2020

woman putting on stockings

While compression stockings can be pretty snug, putting them on each doesn’t have to be a huge struggle. If you get discouraged putting on your stockings, you may not be wearing them consistently and the swelling in your legs and ankles could be getting worse. Instead of suffering, it’s time to explore some easy ways to put on stockings with help from the team at NuLife Medical. Review our top tips for donning socks here to streamline one of the hardest parts of your day.

1. Use Baby Powder or Cornstarch

A light dusting of baby powder or cornstarch offers you an easy way to put on stockings that works from the inside out. Dust your legs and feet lightly to create a slippery surface for the knee-high or full stockings to slide over. If your legs are wet or sweaty, dry them as much as possible before dusting them with baby powder. Avoid applying lotion before putting on your socks, as it could potentially cause your socks to slide down.

2. Wear Gloves

black textured rubber gloves

Compression stocking material can be difficult to grip for anyone. Whether you have weaker fingers or arthritic hands, the slippery fabric isn’t conducive to holding and pulling. Find an easy way to put on stockings when you use a pair of rubber gloves to simplify the process. Most of the time, once you put on the gloves, you shouldn’t have to grip the stockings at all. Simply place your hands flat on either side of your leg and apply pressure in an upward motion to slide the stocking up.

3. First Thing in the Morning

Different times of day definitely affect how easy it is to put on your stockings. In the early morning, your legs are the least swollen, so it’s the ideal time to try putting on your thigh-high compression socks. As the day progresses you are more likely to experience swelling which will decrease the effectiveness of any of these techniques, so simplify your stocking routine by putting them on bright and early.

4. Stocking Aids

compression socks hanging up to dry

If gloves and baby powder aren’t making enough of a difference when you’re donning your socks, you may want to consider stocking aids. These devices are designed to hold your stocking open so that you can more easily slip your foot inside. You don’t have to stretch the stocking open or pull it up your leg.

5. Method

The easiest way to put on stockings is to follow this basic method:

  • Sit down and reach inside the opening of the stocking to the base.
  • Place your thumb on the heel and your fingers in the toe box.
  • Pull the top of the sock down, basically turning the sock inside out to about ½ way down. At this point your sock will be turned in half. Pull the sock open and put your foot all the way into the foot portion of the sock. Now you should have your foot in the foot box and the sock should be at your ankle, still folded in half with the band facing down.
  • Take both hands and hold the top band of the sock, pull the sock up and over your foot and up your leg. Adjust the top band to sit just under the bend of your knee.

FInding the Best Method for You

While it can take a bit of practice to find the best method for you, putting on your compression socks becomes much easier once you get the hang of it. If you need a little more support putting on your stockings or socks, reach out to our fitting specialists today for additional assistance. We will gladly walk you through any of our techniques. Your compression stockings only work if you are wearing them!