Compression Garment Tutorials

Compression garments can be very useful for individuals who suffer from swelling in their limbs. Whether you suffer from lymphedema, are dealing with swollen legs during pregnancy, or even want to prevent lactic build up during your next workout, compression sleeves or socks can work wonders for your body.

The concept is very simple: a sleeve goes over the area prone to swelling (typically an arm or leg), and the graduated compression in the garment acts as an external pump, forcing fluids up and out of the extremity. This can help prevent the limb from becoming swollen and uncomfortable during the day, which can help you continue your daily tasks without any pain.

Compression garments are a great tool for keeping your body comfortable, but only if you are wearing the right garment in the right size and you have properly put it on. Of course, this leads to a whole new issue: figuring out how to put your garment on. Compression garments are notoriously hard to put on and take off, which can be discouraging for individuals looking for some relief.

How tight should a compression garment be? How do you know if you’re wearing it properly? NuLife Medical wants to make wearing a compression garment a simple task, so we’ve compiled some helpful compression tutorials so you can wear your sleeves, socks, and more with comfort and confidence.

DOFF N DONNER — Self-Application

Swiss company Sigvaris Group has been manufacturing compression garments for decades, and their compression stockings have helped many people resume their daily lives comfortably. Sigvaris has more than 150 years of experience designing and manufacturing compression garments — and in that time, they’ve learned a lot about the difficulties users face when donning and doffing their garments.

In this compression tutorial, Sigvaris demonstrates how to use their Doff N’ Donner, a simple and intuitive assistive device that makes putting on compression socks much easier. Watching this video will help you understand how to properly use your Doff N’ Donner so you can enjoy the support and comfort of your compression stocking without hassle.

Donning Compression Stockings and Socks with JOBST Stocking Donner

Jobst was founded in Toledo, Ohio in 1950. Founder Conrad Jobst, a medical engineer and inventor sought to provide people with a solution to “venous insufficiency.” Thus, his brand of compression garments was born! In the years since, Jobst has grown into an international company that provides compression therapy solutions to countless individuals.

This compression tutorial focuses on the Jobst Stocking Donner. This device makes putting on your stockings much simpler, and this video gives users a clear explanation and demonstration of how to use it. If you have a Jobst Donner, this is a great resource to help you effectively figure out how tight a compression garment should be.

Donning Stockings with the Medi 2 in 1

Medi combines the durability and strength of German engineering with the medical benefits of compression garments. This dedication to quality has led Medi to become a global leader in the compression garment industry. When you wear a Medi compression sleeve or hose, you can experience comfort, support, and ease of movement. However, like many compression garments, Medi products can be difficult to put on.

This compression tutorial shows you how to use the Medi 2 in 1 Donner. The video demonstrates how to put on a stocking, any high sock, and a set of pantyhose, so you'll be able to get the perfect fit no matter what type of stocking you're wearing.