Amoena Contact 1S 384 Breast Form

Amoena Contact 1S 384 Breast Form adheres directly to the skin for a secure fit. Best suited for women with active lifestyles and/or back problems. This form is best suited for women with shallow breast tissue. The Amoena Contact 1s 384 Breast Form combines three of Amoena's best technologies into a single breast form: Contact adhesive, 2-layer Personally concept and lightweight silicone.Contact adhesive technology on the back of the breast form attaches directly to the body to provide a strong bond and a secure fit which is ideal for women with active lifestyles. Personally concept in the Tresia shape features an ultra soft front layer of standard silicone that drapes and moves like a natural breast. Lightweight silicone back layer completes the Personally concept by simulating muscle tissue to provide a more natural feel on the chest wall. The lightweight silicone makes the breast form 10-12% lighter than comparably shaped, standard breast forms. Can be worn in a non-pocketed bra or traditionally by attaching the back pad provided. Special features include:

  • Designed for shallow tissue
  • Symmetrical Shape 
  • Contact form
  • Includes detachable back layer
  • Can be worn inside the bra pocket or directly against the chest wall

Size Range: 1-14

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