Amoena Energy Light 2U 341N Breast Form now features InTouch soft silicone.

Amoena Energy Light 2U 341N Breast Form is the light version of the already new and improved light Energy line of breast forms by Amoena. Amoena Energy Light 2S 342N Breast Form is designed with innovative features for maximum comfort. It has a unique three-dimensional pearl surface allows air to freely flow between the breast form and the chest wall. The front layer keeps a natural shape. They help to reduce tension in the neck and shoulders, and are therefore particularly beneficial for women with a large bust or who have been diagnosed with lymphedema following surgery. All Amoena light versions combine the advantages of the best fitting breast form with lightweight comfort. Now with Comfort+. Due to the integration of a temperature balancing material selected shape/cup form combinations of Amoena Energy offers improved wearing comfort and more pleasant skin sensation. The 2U shape adds a unique flare. The higher edge provides a smooth transition to the chest wall. The symmetrical extension protects sensitive scar tissue and fills the underarm for women who are in need of more coverage. Special features include:

  • Average cup fitting
  • Symmetrical shape - can be worn on either the left or right side
  • Ideal for women who prefer to wear lower cut necklines
  • 30% lighter than standard breast forms
  • Part of our Energy range of breast forms featuring temperature-regulating technology
  • Universal shape- good for left or right surgery sits

Size Range: 1-14

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