Essential 2E 474 Breast Form

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Realistic Silicone Breast Breast Form: The Amoena Essential 2E 474

If you’re looking for a single-layer standard silicone breast form, the Amoena Essential 2E offers you a more authentic look and feel than many other brands and models do. Designed to meet your needs for post–breast surgery essentials, NuLife Medical is proud to introduce you to a realistic silicone breast form that will help you regain your confidence.


Explore some of the most convenient features of this natural breast form:

  • Weighted like a real breast of this size
  • Curved to match the chest wall
  • Universal fit for left and right sides
  • Natural shaping at the apex
  • Comfortable for everyday wear

Sizes 0-12 (Ivory); 3-12 (Tawny)

Why the Amoena Essential 2E?

The Amoena Essential 2E is one of the most advanced breast forms that NuLife Medical has to offer. With an average fit that ensures realistic movement, it creates a breast that bounces slightly when you walk and spreads against your body when you lie down — just as a natural breast would. Amoena also considered the weight that a natural breast of this size would have to provide an anatomically weighted piece that feels real.

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