Jobst Ultra Sheer Closed Toe 20-30 Thigh High Sensitive Silicone Top Band

Size Chart
Compression Level:
20-30 mmHg
Closed Toe
Thigh High

Jobst Ultrasheer Sensitive Closed Toe Thigh Highs 20-30 mmHg

The ultimate durability compression stockings with Jobst new Sensitve band - suitable for long term wear - due to the double covered yarn, reinforced heel area, and its superior to competition elastic fabric. These one of a kind sheer women's compression hose are truly equal parts fashion, comfort, and circulation support.

Jobst Sensitive Silicone band out-performs the competition:
Jobst UltraSheer high quality thigh high stockings offer a new, more comfortable Silicone band variant: JobstSensitive. A woven-in Silicone yarn helps distribute the friction evenly across the welt, creating a soft grip on the skin and reducing skin imprints visibly.


• Sheerness. Unmatched  sheer fabric for beautiful legs.
• Style. Fashionable colors let you mix and match for every occasion.
• Durability. Extremely durable material for long-term use.
• Comfort. Comfortable satin-touch yarn softly caresses the wearer’s legs.
• Advanced knitting structure.


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