Jobst Ultra Sheer Closed Toe 30-40 Thigh High With Sensitive Silicone Top Band Petite

Size Chart
Compression Level:
30-40 mmHg
Closed Toe
Thigh High

The JobstUltra Sheer Sensitive 30-40 mmHg Closed Toe Thighs Highs are extremely durable and suitable for long-term use, thanks to double covered yarn, reinforced heel zone and the high elasticity of the fabric.

Jobst Senstitive Silicone band. Comfort that performs.

Jobst UltraSheer high quality thigh high stockings offer a new, more comfortable Silicone band variant: Jobst Sensitive. A woven-in Silicone yarn helps distribute the friction evenly across the welt, creating a soft grip on the skin and reducing skin imprints visibly.


• Sheerness. Outstanding sheerness for beautiful legs.
• Style. Fashionable colors let you mix and match for every occasion.
• Durability. Extremely durable material for long-term use.
• Comfort. Comfortable satin-touch yarn softly caresses the wearer’s legs.
• Advanced knitting structure

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