Juzo Calf Wrap

Size Chart
juzo calf wrap sizing chart
Compression Level:
20-30 mmHg
Calf Wrap

Juzo Compression Wraps are reversible offering 30-60 mmHg of working pressure to help control swelling and edema.  Juzo Compression Wraps are an excellent choice for Lymphedema patients or someone who needs to wear compression but struggles to put on traditional compression socks. 

Compression wraps are sold in segments and can be worn separately or together. 

Featuring short stretch technology, this wrap has special notches and minimal overlying straps resist gapping and bulk.  Unlike other wraps, the Juzo wrap is reversible and can be worn as beige or black.

Included with the Juzo Calf Wrap is:

A cotton liner

  • 4 hook fasteners
  • Two anklets (1 beige and 1 black)
  • Calf wraps are available in sizes small to XXXLarge in four lengths: regular, long, max regular and max long



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