KN95 Face Mask

Maximum Purchase:
4 units

KN95 Face Masks

KN95 protective mask is a single use product.  Made from non-woven and meltblown fabric this face mask can effectively block the spread of bacteria.  Meltblown fabric is mainly used in the production of medical and surgical masks because of the filtration it provides. The KN95 mask filters 95% of particulate matter.

Follow these procedures to put on a face mask:

  • Face the mask so that the nose clip is facing upwards. 
  • Pull an ear band with each hand and place behind ears. 
  • The mask should cover both your nose and your chin.
  • Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the nose clip and press inwardly according to the shape of the nose bridge so that the shape of the nose bridge fits securely and comfortably.

These masks are intended for single use. 

Care should be taken when removing a mask so you do not touch the outside of the mask.

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