Leyla Post-Surgical Compression Bra

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Leyla Post-Surgical Front Closure Compression Bra

After you’ve been through breast surgery, you need plenty of emotional and physical support. At NuLife Medical, we’re honored to be able to provide you with both thanks to our friendly staff and our Leyla post-surgical front closure compression bra. This velcro surgical bra is designed to stabilize your chest, reduce post-surgical swelling and scarring, and prevent hematomas and bruising. It’s an essential part of your post-surgical recovery process.

Why Choose This Post-Surgical Compression Bra?

This post-surgical front closure compression bra at NuLife Medical is comfortable and fits easily due to its convenient loop fasteners and adjustable wide straps. This bra’s optimal fit can be attributed to its strong and stretchable material.

With this bra, you can also easily access your surgical site thanks to the bra’s zip closure in the front. This compression bra’s seamless pockets will easily hold a Leisure Form or Priform in place as well. The bra is the perfect solution following a mastectomy, oncoplastic breast surgery, breast lifting, breast augmentation, breast reduction, or breast reconstruction.

Why Shop for Products at NuLife Medical?

At NuLife Medical, our staff are carefully trained in the latest compression, mastectomy, and other garments. Our medical supplies come from top brands, ranging from JOBST to Sigvaris and Medi, so you can be confident that they will be premium quality, fit perfectly, and last you a long time.

Get back to normal with the help of our top-of-the-line medical solutions at NuLife Medical today!

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