OTC 2955 Abdominal Hernia Belt

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Hernia Type:
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Soft Form

OTC Abdominal Hernia Belt

The OTC Abdominal Hernia Belt is a one of a kind abdominal hernia belt and is perfect for someone looking for an umbilical hernia belt. This belt combines the best features of an abdominal binder and a hernia belt into one. Wear this belt to support either an umbilical hernia or an abdominal hernia. Special web fabric creates an anatomically engineered fit. The flexibility of the fabric, combined with the elasticity of the fabric, molds to the body providing mild to moderate support. As an added feature, OTC abdominal hernia support is made with latex free, non-allergenic, odor reducing and anti-microbial treated materials. Customers love this product because it is both breathable and comfortable. The OTC hernia belt is a versatile, effective and affordable option for anyone looking for an abdominal or umbilical hernia support. The product is one of the Professional Orthopaedic Select Series products from Surgical Appliance Industries. OTC is an excellent choice for the conservative treatment of an umbilical hernia and as a support for weakened abdominal muscles.

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