OTC 2955 Abdominal Hernia Belt

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Soft Form

If you are struggling with an abdominal hernia, we at NuLife Medical are here to give you the support you need — literally — with our OTC 2955 umbilical hernia support belt. Also known as an umbilical hernia band, this medical garment is proven to provide rapid pain relief while also being ultra comfortable and convenient to wear anywhere. That means you can enjoy more easygoing days and peaceful nights while your body heals.

Why You Need an OTC 2955 Umbilical Hernia Support Belt

Our OTC 2955 umbilical hernia support belt stands out for combining the best aspects of hernia belts and abdominal binders into a single garment. For this reason, it’s the perfect solution for supporting both abdominal hernias and umbilical hernias.

The umbilical hernia band offers several features that both you and your body will love, including its flexible and elastic fabric, its breathability, and its ability to mold to your unique body. This band is also made with anti-microbial, odor-reducing, non-allergenic, and latex-free materials. For a conservative umbilical hernia treatment and support for weak abdominal muscles, you can trust this band from industry-leading medical garment brand OTC.

Why Choose Products from NuLife Medical?

At NuLife Medical, we offer a wide range of everyday medical solutions for individuals with hernias and other health conditions. Because we sell supplies only from top brands, you can be confident that your new garments will be high quality, fit perfectly, and last long term. Get back to normal by ordering our products today, and reach out to us if you have any questions!

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