Purfit 333 Breast Form

Leisure/Post Surgical
Special Features:

Amoena Purfit 333 Breast Form

Amoena Purfit 333 Breast Form is specially designed for wear during the reconstruction tissue expansion process, this form is extra-gentle to sensitive areas as it helps balance out a woman's silhouette. As the expansion process takes place, volume is adjustable to match a woman's existing breast or desired size by adding or removing fiberfill. Special features include:

  • Volume is easily adjustable with fiberfill pocket on the back of the breast form so it can be expanded or reduced in size to match a woman’s existing breast.
  • Softest silicone insert for the look and feel of natural breast tissue; quickly warms to skin temperature and fills the cup of a bra perfectly.
  • Removable textile cover is fully washable and extra soft for often sensitive skin; fiber fill is breathable and kind to skin.
  • Ultra lightweight for optimum day-long comfort.
  • Volume can be adjusted to compensate for weight gain or loss.
  • Silicone shell can also be worn separately.

Size Range: 4 (XS); 6(S); 8 (M); 10 (L); 12 (XL)

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