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Recovery Shower Belt

Recovery Shower Belt is a must for post mastectomy patients.

The Recovery Shower Belt by the Brobe makes showering with post-surgical drains much more manageable. The Recovery shower belt by The Brobe is composed of an adjustable black belt and two pink pockets. Each pocket can hold up to two post-operative drain fluid bags. The Pockets are made of a combination of Lycra and Spandex which allow for stretch and comfort. The Shower Belt allows you to put the drain bags in the pouch while showering, this will keep the drain bags from tugging at your skin causing pain and discomfort. The belt can be worn in the shower and is quick drying. You can also use the belt outisde of the shower and wear it underneath any top while recovering. The Shower belt is a must for post mastectomy patients! Showering after breast surgery can be nearly impossible while trying to hold your drains in place. The shower belt is a great solution and allows for you to have your hands free while showering. The shower belt comes in one size fits most with an adjustable and stretchy band. Size Range: One Size Material: