Sigvaris 360 Men's Cushioned Cotton Closed Toe 20-30 Knee High

$79.95 - $82.95
Size Chart
Sigvaris 360 cushioned cotton sizing chart
Compression Level:
20-30 mmHg
Closed Toe
Knee High

Sigvaris 360 Cushioned Cotton RX Series 20-30 mmHg closed toe men's athletic style knee highs are available in white and black. Sold per pair. 

Sigvaris 360 Cushioned Cotton Series Features:

  • Soft, comfortable, cushioned sole, toes, and heel that protects the feet and helps to absorb impact upon walking and running.
  • Low profile toe seams that reduce friction and irritation, especially during walking and running.
  • 64% Supima™ Cotton that makes this product ideal for those with sensitive skin and for wearing in all types of temperatures.


  • Stockings with low profile toe seams
  • Cushioned stockings that absorb impact upon walking
  • Medical leg wear with latex free fabric
  • Comfortable support stockings

Fabric Content:
64% Cotton, 28% Nylon, 8% Spandex - Latex Free

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