Truform 247F Boston Truss

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Now: $100.95
Hernia Type:
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Elastic Truss

Truform 247F Boston Truss features removable under leg straps. Truform 247F Boston Truss is ideal for women because the truss can be worn without the leg straps. This elastic hernia truss from TRUFORM® utilizes a ¾" wide elastic band - fastens to anterior flange with an adjustable keyhole buckle and over pad with a double 7/8" web loop arrangement and snap billet hooks Oval inguinal pad that is covered with synthetic leather and adjusts to any angle Adjustable elastic perineal strap with a claw buckle that fastens in the back. Even hip sizes: 30"-48" (Sizing Tip: Measure 3 inches below your waist) Choose right or left sided Made in the U.S.A.

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