Truform 2939 Hernia Belt

Hernia Type:
Support Level:
Elastic Truss

Truform 2939 Hernia Belt

Truform 2939 HERNIA BELT has been designed to support the most common reducible inguinal and scrotal ruptures. Truform 2939 hernia belt can be worn from a firm - moderate support to moderate - maximum support based on how tightly the buckles are adjusted around the hips. The design of this truss allows the specially shaped scrotal pad to self-align and maintain its proper position, therefore applying support as a constant, unified stable force.

  • 1 3/4" elastic band with an adjustable key hole buckle
  • Synthetic leather scrotal pad sewn onto the elastic band
  • Elastic adjustable perineal under straps
  • Lightweight

Made in the U.S.A Applying Tip: Be sure the hernia is completely reduced before applying the hernia belt. (Lay down to apply the support if necessary) Position the support pad over the hernia site and wrap the support belt around the hips. Fasten the support belt in front. Adjust the degree of support by tightening the metal tooth buckle in front. The support should fit snug but not uncomfortably tight.

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