Breast Prosthesis & Mastectomy Bra Fitting

step into fitting roomAt NuLife Medical, we understand how daunting it can be to try and figure out what size bra or prosthesis you need post-surgery. Navigating life after surgery can certainly be overwhelming; that’s where our compassionate, knowledgeable and trained team comes in. We are here to guide you every step of the way. We can assist with planning for post operative garments and soft forms, explain different options for silicone forms and shapers as well as walk you through sizing and fitting.

Every member of the NuLife Medical staff has received formal training directly from the manufacturers of the products we carry to ensure they know how to fit and describe each and every item. Welcome to your very own bra and breast prosthesis fitting room — where you don’t even have to leave your home to walk in!

What to Expect in Your Fitting Session

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While your diagnosis may have been full of stress and anxiety, rest assured, the NuLife Medical team will come beside you with knowledge and expertise to give you the confidence and support you deserve. When it comes to fittings with our team, we don’t believe in the one-size-fits-all approach. We’re here to ask targeted questions about your comfort needs and we want you to ask us anything that comes to mind. Every one of your fears and concerns can and will be addressed by the NuLife Medical fitting specialists.

If you’ve already been wearing mastectomy bras and forms for some time but have noticed that they’re no longer as comfortable as they once were, it could be time for a refit. Whether you’re looking for a breast prosthesis fitting after your surgery or you need a mastectomy bra fitting just to find something a little more comfortable, we have the experience to help you. Call us Today!

Breast Prosthesis Fitting Page

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The first thing you need is a soft measuring tape so we can teach you how to measure your band and cup size.

We’ll then discuss your goals to ensure our team offers you a personalized virtual fitting service. Our specialists can recommend specific brands, fabrics, and features that will help you regain your confidence and comfort in your own skin.

When you’re ready to schedule a personalized breast prosthesis fitting, simply call us on the phone — no appointment required! Anyone you speak to has been specially trained to discuss your specific situation. Tell us about your surgery, so we can determine which products are best for you. Do we need to do a full breast prosthesis fitting or do you just need to create balance and shape post-lumpectomy?

Mastectomy Bra Fitting Page

NuLife Medical carries a number of different mastectomy bra brands that each have a unique sizing metric. You don’t want to discover once you order that your size in Amoena bras isn’t the same as your size in Trulife bras. Let our team be your guide.

Do you want to get back to working out? We have sports bras that are supportive and balancing for any type of movement. Are you looking to feel delicate and feminine? We can suggest bras with lace embellishments, bow accents, and stylish patterns.

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Choosing NuLife Medical

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Not everyone knows which brand, bra shape, or form type is best for them without a little bit of help. What NuLife Medical offers you during your breast prosthesis fitting is expertise on the most popular and prolific brands in the mastectomy and prosthesis industry. We can give you an overview of each brand as well as an assessment of their styles and features.

We Are Here for You

When you call us for a personalized fitting session, we will ask you about your surgery as well as your concerns. You may find yourself talking about intimate parts of your experience. We’re here to listen and support you through it all.

Don’t worry about sharing these aspects of your story with your fitting specialists—we understand that this can be a very delicate time.

We pride ourselves in offering a compassionate and professional care experience. As an accredited organization, you can feel comfortable knowing we are in complete compliance with all state and federal privacy laws.

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